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Sunday, November 7, 2010

William and Mary - The Real Great Depression

I have an embarrassing admission. I went to the same school as Jon Stewart.

But I will give him a lot more credit than most people on the left who have relevance.  Here's why.  He's funny.  Okay, okay, his Restore Peace/Sanity rally sucked. But I blame Colbert for that.  He's a douche.

Truth is, of famous people on the left, I can tolerate Stewart.  Not because he went to the same school as me (trust me, I hate most people I went to school with), but because he resembles some sort of bipartisan trashing.  

Is it true his jokes towards the left are primarily wishy washy? Sure.  Is it true that he attacks the right with a whole lot more vigor? OF COURSE!

But he attacks both sides. And that's good enough for me.

I still remember in 2004 when Bush won re-election, Stewart, referencing New England, said it was where most of "us" would spend the next 4 years.  What a fundamental disrespect for our president, right?

But then, Obama, when he should have been campaigning for the struggling left, opted to go on the Daily Show, Stewart referred to him as "dude."  My mistake. Saying you want to live in a liberal part of the US is in no way as insulting as calling the president of the free world "dude."

So I respect Stewart.  Yes, he's a lefty, but he serves a purpose. And makes people laugh.  That's better than most.  

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