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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pot Calling the Kettle Phobic

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one the most remarkable people in the world. Many know her for her book Infidel or for the screenplay she wrote to the movie Submission, by Theo van Gogh. Thea reason I find her remarkable is the unbelievable courage she has shown while trying to enlighten the West on the idea behind political Islam. Political Islam has the perfect allegory, the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages. PI seeks to use intimidation, slander, threats, violence, and whatevever else you might find in the CAIR guide book to impose Islamic values on the Western governments. Knowing democracy and sharia go together like lamb and tuna fish, this is the most expeditious way to go. I have no problem with Islam. I feel bad for the 95% of the true believers who don't want jihad and just want to worship in peace. The problem is the other 5% and how extreme they've become. AHA has been holding a number of symposiums to help the West identify these trends and stop them. Recently, Oklahoma passed a ballot iniative banning sharia law from being considered in cases. I wasn't aware we needed iniatives to not use religious law in judicial courts but I'm still just a 1L. This sort of creeping Islam is what worries Aha. It's not the people who go to mosque and wear a headscarf, it's the ones who are still devotely clinging to a religious order meant for 8th century desert life and warfare than 21st century global industrialization. Stonings, corporel punishment, and terrorists acts have no place in our modern society. An artist in Seattle suggested draw Mohammed day, she has since been forced to change her name and go into hiding because the threat against her life was so real. Let me reiterate, the problem is not Islam but this small segment of Islam that is ruining it for everyone else. It's like the guy who shot George Tiller. People not practicing what the preach and using fear and violence to achieve their objectives. The key to stopping it is to stop the rampant claims of Islamophobia. To swing the race anvil as my compatriot would say. Most people opposed both the Ground Zero Mosque and the burning of the koran, clearly not Islamaphobes, just people who know the decent thing to do. And that is what will defeat radical Islam, people doing the decent thing. The over 1 billion muslims in the world who aren't for jihad and want modernity need to step up and put a stop to the radicalization of their beliefs. No, I am not a hated filled bigot for wanting to stop radical Islam, I want to stop radical Christianity, Judaism, and Bahi'ism as well. I feel like an easy ground rule to adopt would be if you're railing against anyone with radical in their name, you're not a bigot. People of all faiths want to stop these radicals because they're indiscriminate with their ire. Look at Iraq, muslims killing muslims for no good reason. The problem is with organizations like CAIR who instead of stopping honor killings or condemning spousal rape with the harshest words any language has to offer, are suing OK because they don't want to use a legal code that allows such atrocities. Muslims throughout the world need to stop letting others do the talking for them and stand up and defend their religion, which is being stolen from them. They need to follow the example of Ayaan and not be afraid to point out what every decent person is thinking.

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