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Monday, November 29, 2010

Julian Assange: A Study in Going One Step Too Far

Sorry for all the animus I've been directing at our a-gender friend but it seems that he has decided his next wikileaks dump will be about a major US bank. Now, I don't know what country Assange is from, and I'm sure it's not one of those really poor ones with no money judging my his dumb haircut, but it would seem he has heard the expression you can do whatever you want to someone just leave their money alone. Especially when that money has at its disposal one of the most fierce teams of lawyers. The government and its abhorrent uselessness in the face of a national security emergency really got a mulligan on this one. If I were Assange I would quit while I was ahead and not on the wrong side of the table from Vikram Pandit.

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