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Friday, November 26, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like Todd Palin

I don't think Sarah Palin has the chops to be president. Mainly because she doesn't really bring anything to the table. Let's face it; economics, national defense, immigration, and international diplomacy are all things she is roundly unqualified to handle. I don't fault her for that. She was qualified to be governor because as Lincoln Almond proved (yeah, didn't even make that name up) you really don't need many skills to be governor. Worst, people who support her come up with this illogical argument that she is more qualified than Obama. Sure she might be, but do we really want someone whose claim to fame is being better than a president who seems to govern with the tact and precision of a rock?

Now as bad as Palin would be as president is as good as she is at being a pundit. (Somewhere John Madden is nodding in approval of that sentence) She understands the plight of the eveyman, something many of our leaders are having quite a hard time with. Take, for instance, her recent retort to the left going absolutely insane about an honest slip of the tongue. Pointing out all the verbal gaffes Obama has made and been left unscathed by the media from was hilarious. 57 states? How do you mess that up? As Andrew Sullivan notes, it was very unpresidential. Note to Andrew Sullivan: if you're not the president, you can be as un-presidential as you want.

My problem is that I feel like I'm constantly defending Sarah Palin despite being quite apathetic towards her. To be it bluntly, she is getting raped raped by the media. (Eat it Whoopie) For someone who has precisely zero power in government, I hear more about her running in 2012 than our incumbent president. It's probably because his prospects are waning but I think it has something to do with the media's fascination with demolishing conservative women. Sarah Palin ran for vice-president and lost and now she travels the country giving folksy speeches and, like virtually everyone else, condemning Obama's agenda. She is basically the attractive version of Howard Dean for the right and I honestly see him more on Fox News than anywhere else.

Palin is making millions, has psyched out the president, is beloved by America so much her son Trig almost won Dancing With the Stars, and is beyond criticism because she doesn't actually make any decisions. No one would ever give that up to be the bullseye for American anger. She isn't qualified, everyone knows this. I firmly believe the only people that think she is running are people who read the NY Times because they're convinced she is. Republicans have been allowed back in from exile much faster than anyone, certainly James Carville, thought and they aren't going to blow it by running Obama's qualifications in a wig for president. And with her second book out despite her utter lack of accomplishments, she is just about as qualified as Obama, hoepfully she didn't trust her dealer either. (That punchline dedicated to Dave)

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