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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Perhaps We're on the Road from Max Max to Recovery

Driving and road based analogies are the only thing more prevalent in this recession than the pervasively high unemployment we're facing. So far be it from me to shirk the trend. Velma Hart, the obese woman that will most likely be in that 50% of the US population with diabetes by 2050, lost her job. No, this isn't the Velma from Scooby Doo, she is the woman who very presciently said that she was exhausted defending the president. Now, I'm no supporter of Obama but if I was, imagine that world, I feel like that would have perfectly captured how I felt. My liberal brother feels the same way. He was very pro 2008 Obama. You remember him, he wanted to cut deficits, we bi-partisan, and improve our image abroad. Well after tripling the deficit, calling republicans our enemies, and watching North Korea shell our ally, you're stuck with 2010 Obama, who is something similar to a Pontiac Aztec. Good in theory, terrible once off the assembly line.

So Velma the Hitman Hart, having lost her job is back on news shows. She went on Hardball with they throw anything but to democrats. She was asked how she felt about losing her job and managed to say the other thing most liberals are thinking, it's Bush's fault. This is like blaming the bad oil change you had two years ago for the weird noise your car keeps making even after you bring it in to another mechanic and he claims he fixed it. (I will keep going with car analogies, don't worry) I'm certainly not going to absolve Bush of his role in our current mess. I think his biggest contribution was allowing tax cuts to go for too long eliminating that as a future fiscal measure for another downturn. But I will not keep blaming him. We (the royal We) elected Obama to fix these problems and he hasn't. And it's not only because his measures don't work, it's because he has put very little focus to fixing the economy.

At this point, we can all admit the Stimulus failed. Don't worry, Paul Krugman will too in a couple of years when there is a republican president and he can blame deficit spending on him. We spent money in the worst possible way, buying new tires to get an extra three miles per gallon instead of just getting more gas. So it failed, I have no problem with that. My problem came up when everyone in the media and the administration kept making these outlandish claims that it created or saved 3 million jobs. As my cohort has stated before, saved is a made up statistic based literally on no raw data. Instead of destroying his legacy with health care reform, something needed to help 10% of the population at best, he should have focused on the economy effecting 100% of the population.

Velma Hart is precisely what's wrong with Obama. His cultish fans who can not criticize him. Think about I'm exhausted from defending you. That means she is still defending him and thus doesn't think he did anything wrong. You don't defend those you despise, unless you do criminal defense law. He won't listen to critics. We're all just ignorant, racist, slurpee sippers to him. (And Bush talked like a moron?) The only fix is for his base to stop defending him. Perhaps the blacks approval rating of him will drop from 90% and get in line with the rest of us following MLK's words of not judging a man by the color of his skin but the content of his heart. If not, president Narcissus is just going to keep plowing along thinking it's a PR problem and not an Obama problem. As of right now, it looks less like we're on a road to recovery and more like we're on the highway to hell.

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