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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So we're three days into this venture, and I think we're still going strong.  One of the things that my compatriot and I wanted to cultivate was a healthy arena of debate (see Brad's comment on illegal immigration) on a number of issues.  Currently, the comments section seems like the only place to do this, but admittedly I'm not very blog savvy.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the quality of the site, or wishes to give us a hand we'd gladly take your help.

Which leads me to...we need some feedback on what you think of the approach thus far.  In a lot of ways, we saw the typical blog as someone finding an article (rarely caring about the source) and then posting it with a one line quip.  We wanted to create more of an opinion based blog, and that's why you haven't really seen any supporting documentation thus far.  But we're looking to make improvements, so if people want to see articles, photos or other such, let us know, we'll be glad to add them.  We're open to any suggestions, for example, as Steve points out, the correct usage of the word "mane" in the Tom Brady article.

Finally, and this will shock most of you who know us, we want other opinions out there.  If there is something a guest wants to post about let us know.  We'll gladly accept guest posts and put them up.  I'm sure there's at least one or two good opinions out there.  I think our email addresses are linked to this thing, so shoot me a quick email and we can discuss.


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