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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Heaven's Angels

Last week, Iranian student Muhammed Pushti was told by his school to remove the American flag from his bicycle because Iranian school officials it would ignite racial tensions and possibly cause an uprising. This completely makes sense. Iran is a country that is not best friends we with America and so seeing a symbol of something you hate would definitely ignite racial tensions and possibly cause an uprising. Now replace Muhammed Pushti with Cody Alicea and Iran with Texas. You can leave the flag alone sadly.

So let me see if I understand, there are people who live in this country, young students mind you, who are so incensed by the sight of the US flag that it will cause an uprising? What's worse, we find fault with the kid displaying the flag, not with the doucheweazels that complained about it. I don't want to be presumptive but I bet their parents are democrats. My parents, much to every one's shock I'm sure, are staunch conservatives. If I ever came home and complained about someone displaying the US flag, I'd probably have a baseball injury to lie to my teacher about the next day. (They didn't actually beat me, you get the point) What are we teaching our children when they are not proud of our country? Even Michelle Obama is finally proud of her country, so what's their problem?

After 9/11 flags flew all across our great land. It was a sign of solidarity, a unified front against the terror everyone was feeling. Flash forward 9 years and we're asking a student who is displaying this flag not as any protest, but to honor his veteran grandfather, to remove his flag to avoid racial tensions. I won't even touch the racial tensions aspect because it is by far the dumbest thing about this whole story. This kid should be applauded for being so civically minded and realizing the great sacrifice the men and women of the armed services make to ensure our freedoms. Rather, he is being castigated for waving a symbol of enduring freedom.

We can not expect our children to be ready to take over the mantle of running our great country if they're told that flying the old stars and stripes is every inappropriate. I might just be an old softy, by the Star Spangled Banner sung in front of a giant American flag gets me every time. This is just another in a long line of liberal attempts to subvert the belief in anything. Whether it be a flag, religion, or Aqua Buddha, liberals have a hard time allowing our faith because they have none of their own. Except their great faith in believing nothing except their own superiority. If you ask me, it takes a bigger man to believe in something bigger than himself.

Today, this grey sky got its silver lining. Over 100 motorcyclists all brandishing enormous flags filed in procession behind Cody in a show that yes, there are still people who believe in American exceptionalism. The procession rode from his school to his house and was one of the greatest signs of humanity I have seen in a while. Like these bikers, let's remember what made America great, people helping other people in the face of oppression and always looking up to the stars and stripes.

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