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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

California Gurls

It has been said so goes California, so goes the nation. Well, taking a quick look around, I would assume that California has detached itself from the US and is making a strong move towards Japan. Right now our country is in some serious debt. So serious, we appointed a blue ribbon commission. We're bleeding jobs, unless you believe we've saved or created 10 million jobs. And I'll tell you, I buy that because by not passing all of Obama's idea, we probably did save 10 million jobs. We keep pushing cap and trade to combat global warming/climate change/weather jihad based on science which I think Chris Christie put best, "still needs some work, it's not conclusive."

We should have all seen this coming because this has been the reality in California since the days of 2pac really sticking it to Biggie. According to Faith Evans it was all made up, but you never know. California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, one of the worst foreclosure rates in the country, massive state wide debt, and San Fransisco. Yeah, on top of all that, they have to deal with the a population of people who keep voting for Nancy "knee skin face" Pelosi. The debt really is the worst part of the state though, getting to the point where they have started issuing IOUs. They're so poor they can't even borrow their way out of it. Now that's poor. (And of course the US government holds most of their debt, can you say Ponzi Scheme)

How did a state that was once the world's fifth largest economy lose its way. They choked the life out of business like a Vietnamese Hooker. (Pay attention Barry, this next part's important) California, in its extreme hubris, decided it was going to save the planet so they enacted tough legislation aimed at combating global warming by capping emissions, starting costly requirements for businesses, and protecting the delta smelt. The last one I'm not even making up, they killed their farming irrigation for a fish. What was the consequence of all this? Businesses left for the likes of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. Imagine such a suffocating business environment you move the whole company to Reno? That's when you know it's bad.

California also has two other problems. The first is comic book like crime. They've had people steal tanks, rob banks in full body armor, and may very well have a criminal going after celebrities. (Dennis Quaid may have been right) The missile launch this week off the coast is most likely a plot by some evil scientist to steal Christmas, just wait. Second, is the unions. And boy howdy are they a problem. There is presently a teacher in prison for molestation who is still getting paid by the state. If molestation doesn't get you fired from your job, maybe the unions are worth it for you. They've been sucking so much money out of the state to pump back into democrats campaigns that their stuck in a never ending game of fuck,marry, kill, where only killing is going on.

So what is their solution to all of these problems? Elect Jerry Brown, a man without enough ideas to fill a thimble who already unsuccessfully ran the state. At least America can have a mulligan with Obama, we didn't know any better, but I feel like some analogy that starts fool me once might be applicable here. The unions, which along with business killing environmental policies, are ruining any chance at solvency that state has left have put politicians who will never cut their benefits back into office. This state is home to the Bell county administrators that a district court described their actions as corruption on steroids. Let's hope our country decides to go a bit more like Texas, which accounted for well over half of the net gain in jobs over the past two years, and a bit less like California. Otherwise the next song we're going to be hearing is "California Gurls are unforgettable, distressed debt with foreclosures on top."

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  1. Fantastic post, loved the Jerry Brown thimble line. I also wondered why no one in California seemed to realize that if the guy wasn't successful the first time, he wouldn't do any better the second time. God forbid a businesswoman could instill some discipline and make some fiscally responsible decisions. Just look at Mitt Romney and Massachusetts, pretty sure he's doing ok over there