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Monday, November 22, 2010

United Nations Untied

Today the United States was brought before the UN Human Rights tribunal. In true Thanksgiving tradition, other countries waited overnight to be the first one in. Human rights crusaders like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia chastised the US for its poor human rights record. Perhaps the highlight of the day that will drive home the point I'm trying to make is the rep from Iran, dressed like the Holy Mother from the show Caprica, saying that the US needs to work to stop violence against women. She must have forgotten the word government sanctioned because Iran has no problem stoning women.

This came the same week as Lebanon's turn on the chopping block where Israel had 13 motions passed against it and the speech of stopping Zionism was met with applause. Now, this is a country that simply doesn't want rockets fired at it or its soldiers kidnapped. Then again, these people also think stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into our country is a human rights violation. (They gnore whatever Mexico does to make them leave) Jimmy Carter is very pro-Palestine, you know that land of horror with its shopping malls and night clubs, so you know its a bad idea. Let's face it, Mr. Peanut is the barometer for bad ideas.

So I'm going to call it, the United Nations has jumped the shark. And somehow, they're actions and strongly worded letters in bold red ink (My computer has 716 shades of red!) are actually more absurd than the Fonz water skiing in a leather jacket. This organization, which is now openly admitting climate change is actually just for income distribution on a global scale, seemingly can't do anything right. Their one saving grace, peace keeping, is more a function of each nations individual military power than the United Nations usefulness. Oh, and it costs us billions of dollars each year.

Over the summer, me and the Legalized Punditette were in Cambodia. Our tour guide to Angkor Wat (name drop) was a UNESCO tour guide when they initially began restoring the ruins. (irony) He told me that his UN hombre wanted receipts in excess of what he charged so he could expense a higher amount. Apparently the SEIU is giving seminars to the UN now. If it wasn't my money, because I assume 100% of my tax dollars goes directly to the UN, I wouldn't be upset. But it is my money and I had to haggle with the tour guide. So United Nations, its been a mediocre run, but consider yourself cancelled after 65 groin-grabbingly boring seasons.

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