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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Next Time You're Thinking of Going to the Bar for a Game

So anyway, I posted two articles, which outline just how much of a waste of time our Sundays are in the fall (at least that's only 16 games).

anyway the articles are somewhat depressing.  Some of the highlighted stats:

-11 minutes of "action" in any given football game.  Action is defined as snap to tackle.

-67 minutes taken of players standing around (huddles, commentary etc)

-3.4% of a game spent for sideline shots of players

-4.9% of sideline shots of the coaches (we all know Bellichick is an absolute stud in that ratty sweatshirt, expressionless face and disgusting sock with red flag).

-14 minutes (10.9%) of the time was action (ball in play)

-88 minutes (68.6%!!) players are literally standing around. Standing around.

-3.5% are shots of the coaches

-2.7% are shots of the dugout

Anyway the information is all in the articles.  It's truly amazing that these two sports are such dominant franchises give that there is almost no action.  Plus, this is a nice breath of fresh air from some of the more recent posts.

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