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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nothing Screams Job Growth Like Freeloaders

Okay, so anyone adept in economics knows that spending AND tax cuts can both generate job growth (ironic that the stimulus failed in both categories).

Most on the left will tell you spending creates jobs, tax cuts don't. Most on the right will tell you only tax cuts do. They're both wrong.  Either can work.

That said, this guy's just a plain idiotic.

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  1. it doesn't create jobs, it reduces unemployment. because unemployment numbers are comprised of people seeking jobs. and if you get a clean $1000 from the government to sit on the couch and watch maury povich for a week, and all you gotta do is make a phone call and "claim" you looked for a job, is probably putting forth as much effort into finding a job as me throwing spare change into the red salvation army bucket at christmas time goes to ending poverty....