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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't Dive Off A Cliff Just Yet...

Ok so I had a little too much to drink today in part because the Patriots lost…to the Browns…I hate being from New England.

But I also came to an important conclusion.  I don't care what the Yankees do.  I really don't. In fact, I (gulp) respect the "do what it takes attitude."  Cliff Lee has been a free agent for all of 25 seconds, and the Yankees are going after him like a jackal who salivates over a wounded opossum.  And they'll get him.

First of all, the Red Sox don't need him because their rotation is stacked already.  Second of all, the Steinbrenner's know how to win, especially if they lost the year before.  Let's face it, as a 25 year old, the Yankees suffered their biggest World Series drought from 2000 to 2009.  And people think the Cubs have waited a long time…

So the Yanks will get Cliff Lee, and people will freak out for a bit. Especially us die hards who cheer for Boston.  But here's why I'm not concerned.  The Red Sox don't need Cliff Lee.  How many additional games is he worth to the Sox, vs the money spent to get him?  Four? Five extra wins?  This isn't like Teixeira a few years back, where his being with a team meant an inevitable world series.  Also, Cliff Lee stinks.  Seriously, barring occasional glimmers over the past two years, as well as a stunning 2008 season, we're talking about a guy who was sent to the MINORS the year before.  

Finally, there's nothing the Sox can do to stop this Love Train.  He's going to the Yankees (despite he and his wife being verbally raped he wouldn't rule out going there), and the Sox need to adapt.  They have two studs coming back in Youk and Pedroia, a pitching staff where the youth are the front runners, and Beckett cannot possibly stink as badly as last year. 

The Sox just need to TCOB.  And if they don't, it'll be another great October for New England fans, but it won't be because of baseball.

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