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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Of Terrorists and Entrapment

As most of you know, insert generic muslim name tried blowing up a Christmas tree lighting in Portland. First of all, this guy is a total dick. A Christmas tree lighting? That's like mugging Mother Teresa for crack money, which I'm sure our terrorist du jour would have done. So like everything in this country, people are pissed off about it and on the other side of the issue. I swear to god no matter what the issue, there is always someone taking what I will unbiasedly call, the douchebag position. For the Portland bomber, it's that the FBI entrapped and tricked him.

I say so what? If this guy could be coaxed by FBI agents pretending to be extremists, then he definitely could have been coaxed by actual extremists. So our end result is that we've removed a potential terrorist from the United States population. Dear Janet, now is the appropriate time to drop your the system worked line. Now I don't want to say Bush is responsible for this, but creating a better intelligence community using cooperation and soft intel to stop potential threats. File that under legacy in 20 years.

Now people, presumably on the left where smug is much higher, are arguing he was entrapped by the FBI. If you are willing to blow up innocent people at a Christmas tree lighting, I don't care how we figured out that you are of that persuasion, you need to be in jail. That's what all of these intelligence operations are about. Figuring out which crazy zealot is actually capable of acting out their intentions and then throwing them in a dark hole. Possibly some water boarding, possibly. I've also heard the excuse that he was only 18. Momma Pundit asked me if that holds any sway in court. I answered no. 18 is well beyond the age where you are aware you're not supposed to blow up people. I'd wager to say a 4 year old know this. And he's Somalia. 18 there is like 45 here.

I'm glad to see the lack of cooperation that precipitated 9/11 has been fixed and our intelligence community is getting out ahead of eat potential attack. We are not at war with Islam but elements within Islam are at war with us. This is our advantage. We know where the attack is coming from and it helps to effectively narrow down the scope of investigations. My hat goes off to our law enforcement officers who stopped this attack and our keeping us safe at their own possible peril.


  1. Loved the one-liners in this one. Didn't realize that he wasn't actually working with extremists, which seems a bit odd, but agreed that we're better off with the guy behind bars.

  2. Comedian DL Hughley had a bit before about profiling. he says something to the effect of, "I'm black, so obviously I'm against profiling. but when you pull a guy praying to Allah off a plane, thats just damn good police work."