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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


According to a friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, suffice to say he works in the federal building in New York City, has told me he recently saw a document that said a high level terrorist was interrogated in the building. Not only that, but Dick Cheney and CIA director George Tenet were in attendance with presumably professional interrogators. Now, I don't mind enhanced interrogation techniques done at Gitmo but on US soil puts all Americans at risk. This certainly will increase the likelihood of the Obama administration pursuing criminal charges against former Bush administration officials.

Pardon by best Sarah Palin impression but the proceeding statement is entirely false. It is meant to serve as an allegory to the ludicrous practice of the media of naming anonymous sources to justify their insane critiques. Just today, I read an article where Margaret Cho cited unnamed sources to bash Palin over Bristols DWTS appearance. This went entirely unchecked. Who the hell does Margaret Cho that is running in the same circle as the Palins? I understand that a lot of the intelligence community aren't allowed to discuss issues outside of circles but perhaps they should avoid just making up stories and then coming up with an anonymous source.

I'm not saying they're all lying, but it seems like the chance of fabrication is extraordinarily high when you consider there is no way to verify the story. I really like when anonymous sources come up with crazy ideas about what elected officials will do when it seems completely contrary to their past. For instance, anonymous sources said John Boehner was having an affair right before the midterm elections. Once again, I'm not saying it didn't happen, well I am because there is no proof and everyone is denying it butttttt, it seems like it was a made up story solely meant to discredit the powerful conservative portion of America.

The press just needs to start verifying stories in a more objective way. As much as I trust the journalists who secretly conspired during the 2008 election to bring Obama to the office, (Yes, Journolist was editorial collusion, bad for business, really bad for information) I think there needs to be a check on what they're saying. This isn't a crazy Howard Dean rant about Fox News lying, (also my brother's opinion) but I would really like to have some accountability. Anonymous sources are like anonymous sex, it can give you some thrills early on but down the road, it can really have some negative consequences.

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