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Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks is Not Wikipedia Going to the Bathroom

Wikileaks has graced the world again with the fruits of their dilligent work. This work, of course, is tricking naive and impressionable young military officers into using flashdrives to steal classified data about the United States' ongoing efforts to stop terrorism and further diplomatic relations. This is an act of treason on the part of any United States citizens involved and is espionage on the part of all foreign citizens involved. It is also the third time this has happened. At least our administration finally caught on to what was going on and finally decided to lock down our data. But the blame does not really rest with the government, it is squarely on the shoulders of those who stole the data.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about the Pickering line of thought on government employees being allowed to air concerns that are a matter of public concern. However, what the State Department thinks about Vladimir Putin or that the Supreme Leader of Iran has cancer are not what they had in mind when they decided what was a matter of public concern. If it turned out we were using Iraq war funds for prostitutes, that would be something worth leaking but releasing statements about our impression of Russian democracy is far outweight by the government's need to effectively tend to diplomacy.

All that Julian "the rapist" Assange has done is make the world a less safe place. Diplomacy on the international stage is all about keeping your cards close to your chest and never, ever, letting the other person no what you think deep down. It's like the first month of dating. Sure you are a level 17 mage on Warcraft and her breath smells like cat food, but you don't say it for fear the whole thing will go down the tubes. Not understanding this is probably why Mr. Assange is wanted in connection with a rape in Europe.

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