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Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Time for the Race Anvil

I've been thinking lately about how often the race card has been used over the last two years.  Proponents of smaller government hate a black man in the White House, obviously.  The truth is government spending has been been a problem following the days of Andrew Jackson.  In fact, we have had national debt since the days of Old Hickory in 1837.  It goes without saying that there have been more white presidents than black presidents since that time period.

Anyway, back to the point here.  The race card is easy to throw around for a number of reasons.  There is no penalty for an accusation of racism.  The right is so oft-accused of being racist that there is a desensitization to its meaning.  And that's the real issue here.  Let's face it, racism still exists in the world, in our country.  Unfortunately, this outrageous accusations of racism detract from real hated - actual racism, antisemitism, homophobia.  Let's focus on eradicating these needless forms of hate rather than make blind accusations against a group than an increasing majority of people agree with (at least in the message). 

So I came up with the perfect solution.  Let's change it to the race anvil.  Something that requires effort to throw around. And let's face it, the targets could still be easy.  The Westboro Baptist Church comes immediately to mind.  The country can unite around their feelings towards a religious group that accuses homosexuals of causing 9/11 (We all know it was an inside job).  

Think about it this way - if the Tea Party (not to mention the millions of non Tea Party affiliated fiscal conservatives) really only care about the government spending because a black man is doing it, you're giving credit for subversiveness to a group that you otherwise trash as unintelligent and using their "lizard brains."  You can't have it both ways.  We're either smart enough to utilize complex manipulation to undermine our racism, or we actually believe in the message we profess.  I'm thinking the latter.  Maybe it's because I have 173 years of reckless spending to defend my point, while the left's is based on unprovable assumption.  

So the next time you hear someone on the left compare peaceful protest to 1930's Germany, understand that hyperbole and blind accusations are the basis for their analogy. And blame the race card, it's just too easy to throw.

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