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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quick Hits

Today Obama forgot to mention the Coast Guard when talking to the armed services in Afghanistan. The Coast Guard, unless appropriated by the Department of Defense, is not allowed to operate outside of US waters, certainly not in a landlocked country with 4 drops of rainfall a year. This is a man who is destroying our national Healthcare and we're complaining about him omitting a branch of the armed services that definetly wasn't present, that is retarded. I don't like him but everytime you complain about something so unimportant, and this may be the pinnacle, you kill your future arguments that may have merit.

Helen Thomas is an anti-semite. One rant landed Mel Gibson labeled an anti-semite, justifiably so, and this woman just keeps at it. Dear liberal media, please just give up defending her, she is now in the land of no return. You only hurt your already diminished credibility evertyime I hear this wingnuts praises sung.

An open letter to thin skinned Americans, stop complaining everytime you see Christmas. I know it offends your delicated sensibilities of believing in nothing and your own individual nothingness, but no one cares that you're upset. It's a holiday that's important to the vast majority of Americans. Is it that hard to just let people have one day a year when they can be happy without you being a little complaining bitch?

Michelle Obama, you're fat. While I don't know your specific measurements, I can say with a high degree of certainty anyone in the medical profession would tell you to lose weight. While I think it's important to curb this obesity epidemic, perhaps you could strengthen your argument by not having a husband who stops for greasy burger every other week. I know we have an obese surgeon general, but it's still really stupid. Telling people to do what you and your family don't do is the pinnacle of elitism.

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