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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Relgious Bruhaha

The Smithsonian Gallery has an ant-covered Jesus this year for the Christmas seasoning preview. This, like anything, and I mean anything that has to do ever so tangentially with religion, has caused quite the uproar. Let's just get this out of the way. Christmas has become so secular, I'm happy to see Jesus getting his props for his big day. Now, I have no idea why Jesus is covered in ants though it does give some credence to my theory that Jesus was actually made of strawberry jam. I will turn to our good friend Moe Szyslak of Simpsons fame for the explanation. "It's Po mo. Post modern? Weird for the sake of weird." Thanks Moe. I've met a number of artists in my day and whatever figgy pudding is rattling around in their skulls should never induce anyone to anger.

But this goes beyond Jesus and the Giant Arthropod. Anytime someone does something offensive to any religion anyone of that particular religious proclivity tends to get their g-string in a bunch. I'm as religious as the next Ned Flanders, but I simply don't care what some jag-off from Chelsea who probably went to New School cares about my faith. If you're relationship with the almighty, whether it be God, Allah, or Ryan Reynolds, is so tenuous that a person burning a book can get you riled up, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. And in the case of Pakistanis, before you take to the streets demanding Facebook be shut down.

People are never going to stop harshing on people for religion, mainly it's because they don't understand how someone can believe in something bigger than themselves. But don't let them get to you or the terrorists win. Take the guy in Florida, you know, the outcast from Dukes of Hazard. He wanted to burn the Koran and Muslims got all pissed off. What I say to that is consider who you are letting get in the way of your natural feelings for your religion. This guy had a beard like he was going to duel Andrew Jackson (AJ would have powned him) and all of about 15 followers of the craziest variety. So no, ants on Jesus won't piss me off because the guy who painted it's name doesn't even come up in a quick google search, and he's the center of a controversy, that's how unimportant he is.

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