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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Gold and the Green Movement: Another Obama Miscue

So I was reading an article today, on how the Obama Administration has reneged and decided to ban new drilling in the Gulf.  Supposedly, the ban may extend to the Atlantic and Pacific as well.  Good God.

Okay so I live in Tampa, and was a stone's throw away from having to swim in Quaker State for the next 5 years.  But banning more drilling is about the most idiotic thing I can think of.  As usual, the administration misses the mark.

The cause of the BP oil spill had nothing to do with drilling.  It had everything to do will ill planning, not having proper protections in place, and assuming the worst case scenario meant impossible.  Oops.  It's amazing that Obama, who could not have appeared more indifferent about the suffering of Gulf Coast states seems to think drilling is the problem.

What needs to be done is to increase protections from things like oil spills from occurring.  Now a ban does this, because hey, if you aren't drilling, you can't spill oil.  And of course, drilling at maximum capacity increasing the danger of another spill to levels of significant concern.  But isn't there a middle of the line solution here?  A "30,000 instead of 0 or 40,000 troops" if you will?

We need to keep drilling for several reasons.  First, the green movement just hasn't completely caught on yet.  For starters, climate change extremists need to stop lying.  Secondly, they need to sell it better.  The left is already sold, of course, but many on the right remain skeptical.  Here's how to sell it (and the message needs to be stronger) - lack of dependency on foreign oil.  Banning future drilling does the exact opposite.  In a fragile transition towards cleaner energy, the Obama administration wants to increase our dependency on foreign oil, and thus further strain the relationship between greenies and skeptics.

Besides, the US has some 21 billion barrels of oil in reserves.  Considering the strong push towards green energy, what exactly are we hanging onto this for - are we expecting the green movement to fail? It sure seems like it.

Anyway the resultant conclusion here is the following:

-The Obama Administration can't get anything right
-Charlie Crist proved why he lost to a Republican whose name no one knew 8 months ago
-And, like Dodd-Frank, the stimulus, health care reform, and national security, we just don't get it.

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