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Saturday, December 4, 2010

CUTS! The Musical

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (her parents were nice to give her a short first name) wrote in a Huffington Post article today about why she voted against the debt commission report. Now you might be asking yourself did she disagree with the cuts to programs, the elimination of the mortgage interest tax exemption, or the increase in the retirement age? You would be completely wrong because the way she sees it, the worst thing going on in our country is the wealth distribution that is slanted towards the rich. Of course its slanted towards the rich, that's why they're the rich, and pay a larger share of taxes by far than anyone else.

So obviously her first initiative is to blame Bush. Afterall, as only those on the left know, between 2000-2008 the entire government was run by one person. Certainly a democrat led from 2006-2008, you know, the years the recession started, had nothing to do with it. Or a democratic president in 1999 that repealed Glass-Steagull definetly had nothing to do with this. Don't misunderstand me, the republicans are certainly culpable as well but everyone is already giving them enough shit so I thought I'd go farmer on it and spread the manure around. Ms. Jan (last name too long) points to the fact that if were at our pre-recession levels of unemployment, 2005 and 2006, both GOP dominated years, we'd be increasing the tax revenue. She ignores the fact that the unemployment rate increasing and the recession coincide with democrats coming to power.

She goes on to say that cutting Medicare is wrong. I love when we make fiscal matters moral. Like Al Franken reading from the bible, it just seems disengenuous. But anyway, of course it sucks to cut Medicare, same way it sucks to cut defense spending, welfare, food stamps, and infrastructure spending. All spending cuts kind of suck, that's why fiscal solvency is not fun. Someone has to feel the pinch, luckily the debt commission went non-partisan with cuts and spread them around to everyone. So sure titanium hips might not be covered and you need to use aluminum, but the DoD won't have a new jet engine for the F-22.

As mentioned earlier, Cam Jansen doesn't want to cut social security or any entitlements. Of course they're also the things her constintuency votes her into office. (Now I'm with my cohort, vote for those who vote for you, but still) So what we're going to do is ignore the overwhelming factors that are pushing our future deficit. Now the commission recognizes that SS is not pushing the debt, yet. But with shrinking revenue and the baby boomers, it will. Across the board cuts are the fairest way to make everyone feel a pinch that in 30 years, will put America on solid ice and heading back towards landmass.

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