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Monday, December 13, 2010

Obama Must Have Been a Point Guard the Way he Passes the Buck

I'm calling it, Friday will be the day that historians will regard as the day Obama's presidency started its slow descent towards oblivion. Think Jimmy Carter trying to negotiate with Muslim extremists. (Amazingly the left still thinks it might work) As everyone who uses the internet for something other than porn knows, Obama and Clinton had a press conference together Friday. See, what would make sense would be it being Hilary Rodham (when did she drop Rodham?) but no, it was Slick Willy, bubba himself, Bill Clinton. Its rumored, Obama, the braggart he is, actually gloated about his drubbing being bigger than Bill's. Then they turned to talking about taxes in a joint presser.

See, Bill Clinton may have done some really stupid non-cigar things in his presidency, Glass-Steagull which lead to the financial collapse being one of them, but he was a great politician. Unlike our great reader of a president, Clinton knew how to speak. I met him once at a golf outing and no joke, just saying hi gave me a half pack of Rolaids (don't worry there was no metal, but definitely some wood). He could spin a yarn like your grandma sitting on the back porch and get concensus on anything from DADT (yeah, a democrat passed that, Irony) to drowning a sack of puppies because they might be part of Branch Davidian. That was his strength. He was a truly gifted communicator and oratory, a combination of Sarah Palin's common touch and Obama's lofty rhetoric. His cerebralness is still a source of debate.

Anyway, so there they are. The old and new guard, working together, hammering out compromise and selling it to the press. Clinton is in his element and Obama is shutting up. Yeah, that's right, chatty Cathy actually doffed to someone else's speech. Now this tax compromise, is a funny sort of mess. As Patrick Ruffini said, I've never seen such a battle over keeping things the same. So to not raise taxes in a recession, that's right, I don't believe in a jobless recovery, the republicans swallowed a hard pill and allowed long-term unemployment to remain high. Or in other words, they extended unemployment benefits and swallowed another poison bill labeled long term economic insolvency. But it was a compromise and this jaded neo-con (I have no idea what that is, it just sounds cool) felt a little bit better about the pendency of gridlock.

Then, as if spoken from Oden's mouth atop the mounts of Asgard, Obama dropped this one on us. "Well I've get the first lady waiting long enough, so I have to go." Then proceeded to abandon (or not, because Bill was dominating) the former president and go to the White House Christmas Party. So, if I may analyze, and frankly I will because why else would you read this, a press conference defending a compromise that will bring some stability to businesses was actually just filler until Michelle finished putting her spanks on. Now, when I'm waiting for my girfriend, I dick around on Twitter, but I was never a community organizor. This was, in my opinion, the most important press conference of his presidency for two reasons. 1. It showed he was going to take the economy seriously and 2. he was going to indicate his desire to work with the GOP and pull of a Clinton/Lazarus resurrection.

Coaches always say the best player is the one who wants the ball with the game on the line, well I think Obama just punted on 2nd and 3. For the past two years we've said Obama is in over his heads but were met with the retort that he inherited a mess/handled it better than anyone else/we're racist. Now we can say, no, in fact, Clinton, our Cap Rooney to Obama's Steamin' Willy Beamen, came off the sidelines and picked apart the 85 Bears defense for the win. In one sentence, we got to see how lackidaisically Obama takes handling the economy and how well someone that is a seasoned politician is capable of handling our economic crisis, because make no mistake, we are still in the thick of it. This does not bode well for America or Obama '12, now with 30% more race baiting. When it comes to our economy, you want a Tom Brady, not a Jay Cutler, unfortunately, we've got Ryan Leaf.

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