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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Like the Girl at the Bar in College, Always Check a Pundits Credentials

Ann Coulter is found of pointing out that Keith Olbermann went to the agricultural Cornell, not Ivy League Cornell. In that same idea, I would like to point out that Meghan "I have to google what blue blood means" McCain went to Columbia and majored in Art History. Now as much as I love a "cool, young conservative woman for other conservative women to look up to", because who doesn't want to listen a mid 20's blue blood (no I didn't have to google it) who somehow thinks supporting gay rights makes you an edgy republican, (most conservatives I know already do), I actually had to learn in college to get work in the real world. Listening to her is as crazy as taken advice from someone who went to a Wisconsin state school and got a degree in social work. What? People do listen to Suze Ormon? Yikes.

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