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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Already Like Bristol Palin More Than Her Mother

All right I get it.  Sarah Palin serves a purpose for the Republican Party.  I just hope she never serves the people as part of the Republican Party.

No offense to Sarah, honestly. I like her message, I like her as a pundit, but she's really vulnerable to attacks from the left.  Is that enough to say she shouldn't run? No.

But the fact is she plays an important role for the Republican Party by rallying mid-America, and creating awareness.

However, I came across Bristol Palin's response to Olberdouche calling her his "worst person in the worrrrrrrld" (by the way, didn't he suspend that segment?).  Okay I admit I'm biased towards anyone who trashes Olberman, but all the same, a good article none-the-less.

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