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Friday, December 10, 2010

Say, What's In This Drink? (The "It's Not Rape Rape" Post)

You ever wonder how half that crap we hear people say doesn't matter so long as we have a kickin beat to it?  I blame "Baby It's Cold Outside."  Seriously, since 1949 people have been writing what essentially adds up to date rape, but so long as it's singable it's okay - guy getting the girl drunk, begging her to stay, blah blah blah sex. It's a classic move, apparently.

Think about it. It's all about "The Implication."

And it's not just Baby It's Cold Outside. Dave Matthews Band used lyrics such as "I'm gonna tie you up like a baby in a carriage car." And yet, girls swooned (so did I, I love South Africans).

Lady Antebellum, more recently produced a song called "Lookin For A Good Time."  Get the girl liquored up and she'll be begging to get taken home in a cab (at least they're not drinking and driving).  Best part?  They're making a promise to not promise anything more than one night.

No wonder marriage and the middle class aren't meshing.

When did this happen? 1949 apparently.  But the problem is worse than that.  As legalized pointed out last week - people get their panties in a bunch over seeing a Christmas display in a public forum, yet don't seem to be disturbed by the above captioned lyrics.  And trust me the examples are endless - Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy (No, I didn't make that song up), Afternoon Delight, the list goes on.

While I credit these artists with ingenious subtly, I blame them for the demise of our moral fiber.  And it's not a religious thing.  America is a country that prides itself for acting on behalf of what's right - fighting the threat of Nazism, for example.  Yet when it comes to our social behaviors, we give ourselves a free pass.  Now I'm no social conservative, not by a long shot.  But I'm also no moral relativist.  And if I were to pick a side, I'd admittedly lean right.

But that's for two reasons.  1. I hate moral relativism. 2. Whoopi Goldberg's an asshat.

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  1. never heard "baby its cold outside, so i had to look it up" there was link for dean martins version on youtube. the comments underneath? "i always thought this song was kind of date-rapey".