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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Conservatives for Gay Marriage

I should start out by saying I am for gay marriage. There are a couple reasons for my thinking. First, we live in a country where marriage is almost a running joke. I'm not even kidding, it is the same lame 50% divorce rate joke on every sitcom starring some ex-Seinfeld cast member. What sanctity are we protecting when the institution is about as credible as Charlie Rangel? Second, if you dedicate your life to someone, it is just wrong to tell them they cannot seee that person when they go to the emergency room. There are few things more important in this world then allowing a person about to die the ability to see the person they love the most. Third, I'm a conservative.

That last one most likely sent you for a loop. Think about the Tea Party mantra, Don't Tread on Me. I love that phrase. I use it constantly, and often inappropriately, in everyday conversation. My law school study group can attest to this fact. The Gladston flag came about in the late 18th century to show a solid image of our country's opposition to unjust taxation, as well as the overreach of the crown. Let's ignore the fact that our arrangement as a colony was financially beneficial. We didn't want the government coming in and pushing us around. National security, maintaining roads, interstate commerce (when not being used inappropriately), and foreign diplomacy we were all fine with because we recognize the necessity for a federal government. However, we did not want them infringing on speech, religion, the press (they use to be independent apparently), or our right to arms. (Nukes?) No one wants to be treaded on outside of NY and CA so we take a very strong stance against the government telling us what to do when it doesn't involve public safety.

So I pose this question to you, why, as conservatives, are we so concerned about the government telling us we can't be forced to buy healthcare (I am opposed to it) but at the same time we want to tell people who can and cannot get married? I would saying we're treading pretty hard on gays. Last I checked, we were one nation, indivisible. I don't think separating out one group to be discriminated against is in that thread. And the thing is, it doesn't matter that you're religiously opposed to it because as conservatives, we want government out of our religion. So who are we to force our religious values on another? Unless we want the conservative movement to be a big pile of hypocrisy, it's about time we course correct. Freedom for all means all. Not freedom for those who only buy what we're selling. The conservative movement is about limited government for the people by the people. Last time I checked, no new species had been created for those who are gay so it's time we let them into the big tent. If not, then we're no worse than the people trying to push dietary restrictions and purchase mandates on citizens and we might as well retread our sneakers now.

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  1. Well made point that I hadn't considered before.
    If only more gays were conservative this point would be used more.