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Monday, December 13, 2010

John and Mackenzie Phillips - Gross

So I came across this article earlier today on Weasel Zippers. They did a good job of showing some responses from the Huffington Post writer and Columbia poli-sci professor David Epstein, who was just charged with having sex with his 24 year old daughter.

I have a real problem with this.  Now I'm sure that some lefties think this is as vial as it is.  But why in God's name is ANYONE defending this clown.  He had sex with his daughter. There are few acts that I can imagine that are more sweepingly abhorrent.

Here are some from the left's rationale:

1. So what if it's illegal, it shouldn't be - they're consenting adults.
2. I'm sure the guy was fulfilling his proud Judeo-Christian roots (cause it's always about religion with the left).
3. It's none of the government's business
4. Moral relativism - who are we to say this is wrong (can't wait for the left to start using that rationale for murder)
5. This is just like homophobia

I really wish I was making this up.

Irony of the day - the left argues that abortion should be legal because of cases of incest.  Because obviously we don't want a bunch of deranged and retarded babies running around.  You know what? I'm fine with that rationale. But here's why incest is flat out, non-negotiably wrong: Incest produces deranged retarded babies!!!

Do people ever wonder why laws exist?  If there is a high likelihood of producing a child with severe defects, your actions in producing that child are probably wrong.  It's the reason the doctor recommends you kick that nasty cocaine habit while with child.  And it ruins your ability to make logical decisions - just ask Obama (or was that crack?  At least he didn't do heroin, because he didn't trust his dealer - his words not mine).

It used to be four certainties in life:

Tim Wakefield beating the Tampa Bay Rays
Incest being wrong

Now, we're just down to two certainties in life.

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